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P and S-Waves Evaluation For Engineering Site Investigation At A Hostel Complex Inside Basrah University, Southern Iraq


 Salman Z. Khorshid, Emad H. AL-Khersan, and Ali Z. AL-kashan

Department of Geology, College of Science, Baghdad University
Department of Geology, College of Science, Basrah University
  The area understudy was surveyed using seismic refraction techniques as an available tool for engineering purposes. Eight seismic profiles for either P and S-waves had been chosen and carried out by the use of five impacts (center, normal, reverse, between geophones 6-7 and 18-19), in  order to delineate layers thicknesses and depth of water table underlying such a hostel complex site inside Basrah University, southern Iraq. Dynamic elastic modulii were also calculated depending upon the velocities of 
P and S-waves of these layers and its densities.
  Accordingly, three shallow subsurface soil layers were found. Their mean thicknesses are ranged between (2.15-2.45) m, (17.65-18.4) m below ground surface for the top and first layers respectively. On the other hand, mean water table seems to be at (2.3) m depth and the mean dynamic elastic constants are ranged between {κ= (0.194-7.352×103) Mpa, 
μ= (0.145-2.994×103) Mpa, E= (0.364-7.385×103) Mpa, λ= (0.092-5.764×103) Mpa, and, σ= (0.19-0.35)}.
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