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Theoretical Approach To The Arab Homeland Tectonics And Other adjacent Countries using paleomagnetic information


 Emad H. AL-Khersan

Department of Geology, College of Science, Basrah University
During Paleozoic, the evidence for paleomagnetic criteria indicates a considerable idea that says, The Arabian and African plates with Turkey, central and north Iran were collected together  as a part of one great plateau called “ GONDWANA LAND “, whereas the Arabian and African plates were continued as a uni–mass within Gondwana during Mesozoic. On the other hand, central and north Iran also remain inside Gondwana at Triassic and became closer to Laurasia during this age. This means that they move far away from the Arabian shield.
Paleomagnetic results of fault region located in northern Anathoul revealed that Turkey was located inside the (Arabian – African) shield during Mesozoic, but in Jurassic, and due to magnetic pole positions, Turkey had been moved towards north and northern east relative to the Arabian plate, and at the end of Cretaceous, it moved again trending west and southern west, the matter which forced it to obduct with the Arabian shield once again.
 An indication to the presence of Arabian or African plate motion during (Cretaceous – Tertiary) is recognized using paleomagnetic results obtained from the study of different regions positioned in Sudia Arabia. Moving of the African’s one towards north in an anti–clockwise pattern about (20)° latitude was noticed. The second one may represent the first stages of the openness of the Red sea.
The obtainable paleomagnetic results of Aden and the adjacent areas during Miocene prove that the openness of the Red sea happened due to the rotational movement of the Arabian plate far away from the African one about (7)° in an anti–clockwise pattern, we can say that before (20) million years ago, the Arabian plate was incontact with African plate along the shore line of the Red sea and Aden Gulf.
In addition, the paleomagnetic study of Lebanon, Syria (Tartous) and north Palestine is done. It is clear that there is a great anomaly in the paleomagnetic values product from the rotation of some parts of Lebanon and north Palestine along the fault posited inside the Dead Sea. In other wards, we can say that this region (Al–Sham area) was affected by multi–faults Levantine system. All thoughts about this subject indicate that the fault presented along the Dead Sea occurred in Miocene, this matter supposts the claim that the Arabian and African plates were collected together until Miocene.
Moreover, northern and western parts of Africa were affected by the Hercynian Orogeny which occurred in western Arab homeland during Carboniferous.

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