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Clay Mineral Distribution in Selected Locations along The Tigris and Shatt Al-Arab Rivers, Southern Iraq


B. Albadran

Geology department, University of Basrah, Iraq.


Four sites were sampled during Nov. 1984, in order to measure the clay mineral assemblages. These sites, All Al-Sharki, AlMajer, A1-Mes’heb and Shaft Al-Arab, are distributed along the Tigris river and around Qarmat All, south of Iraq. The clay mineral assemblages are; chlorite, illite, kaolinite with traces of illite-chlorite mixed layer and a notable quantity of amorphous silica. Chlorite is high in Al-Sharki and Al-Mas’heb sites. There is a tendency of increasing in percentage of illite toward the Shaft Al-Arab river. The kaolinite percentage is relatively stable in the studied sites. The Tigris and Shaft Al-Arab rivers are lack of smectite. The amorphous silica is abundant in Al-Mas’heb site. The clay mineral assemblages prove the origin of the recent sediments which, originated from the formations, that outcropped in catchment area of Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

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