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Biostratigraphy of Shiranish Formation (Upper Cretaceous) in selected wells, Southeastern Iraq


Maher Mandeel Mahdi Al-Asadi and Mayada Salah Hadi

Department of Geology, College of Science, University of Basrah


Three wells penetrated Shiranish Formation are located in Southeastern Basrah, these wells are: Ratawi(Rt-1), Rumila (Ru-15)and Zubair (Zb-8), 100 cutting samples of Shiranish Formation were selected from the above wells. Biostratigraphic study revealed that there are 10 genera and 29 species belong to two families (Globotruncanidae and Heterohelicidae) which in turn classified within one biozone determined. This bizone is called Gansserina gansseri and subdivided into two subzones Gublerina Cuvillieri and Heterohelix punctulat. A comparing between these two subzones with the other local and regional zones was made which is resulted that Shiranish Formation belongs to Middle Maastrichtian age.

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