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The Geotechnical Properties of Shatt Al-Basrah Sediments and their liability to Erosion


N. K. Al-Bahilly* , B.Albadran** and S. Al-Hadi***

*Marine Science Centre, University of Basrah, Iraq.

**Geology department, University of Basrah, Iraq.

***Soil and water sciences department, University of Basrah, Iraq.


The sampling was carried out during 1998 from three stations distributed along the Shatt Al-Basrah canal. Hand corer, of 30cm in length and 7cm in diameter of plastic tube was used for this purpose . 10, 11, and 12 cores were taken from the stations Si, S2 and S3 respectively. Water velocity In different sites of each station was measured. Grain size distribution, Water content, cohesion and preconsolidation pressure were obtained. The preconsolidation pressure and cohesion are higher in station 3 than station1. The sand fraction percentage has a tendency to decrease downstream.Whereas, the three stations have identical percentage of silt fraction with few more in station 2. It was concluded that the sediments In the station 1 & 2 are more able to erosion than the sediments of station 3.

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