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Some Mechanical Properties of Sandy Gypseferous Soils In Rumaila – Khor Al-Zubair Area, Southern Iraq

Six gypseferous soil samples were collected from Rumaila to Khor Al-Zubair areas, Didibba Desert west of Basrah city, Southern Iraq. These soil are gypseous in nature with an average gypsum content of 15.5% W/w

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The Geotechnical Properties of Shatt Al-Basrah Sediments and their liability to Erosion

The sampling was carried out during 1998 from three stations distributed along the Shatt Al-Basrah canal. Hand corer, of 30cm in length and 7cm in diameter of plastic tube was used for this purpose .

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Geotechnical Properties of Khor Al-Zubair And Khor Abdallah Sediments, NW of The Arabian Gulf

The geotechnical properties of two regions in the northwest of the Arabian Gulf are studied. These regions are located at the eastern tidal flats of Khor Al-Zubair and the entrance of Khor Abdallah respectively.

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