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Detection Of Cavities And Soil Settlements in An Industrial Site Using Electrical Resistivity Methods Southern Iraq.

Six horizontal electrical profiles (Wenner array) and two vertical sounding measuring points (Schlumberger array) were chosen to completely cover the study area in an industrial site located

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Theoretical Approach To The Arab Homeland Tectonics And Other adjacent Countries using paleomagnetic information

 During Paleozoic, the evidence for paleomagnetic criteria indicates a considerable idea that says, The Arabian and African plates with Turkey, central and north Iran were collected together

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P and S-Waves Evaluation For Engineering Site Investigation At A Hostel Complex Inside Basrah University, Southern Iraq

The area understudy was surveyed using seismic refraction techniques as an available tool for engineering purposes. Eight seismic profiles for either P and S-waves had been chosen

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Paleomagnetic Study Of Some Outcropping Rocks Northeastern Iraq And Its Tectonic Applications

 A Paleocene-Lower Eocene Naoprdan limestone Formation at Chwarta and Zainal localities, Maastrichtian Aqra limestone Formation at Maukaba and Zardabe localities

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