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Clay Minerals Distribution of Supratidal Region, Southern of Iraq

Two boreholes were chosen in the southern part of Mesopotamian flood plain. Grain —size distribution, x-ray diffraction, and chemical analysis were determined on the clay fraction

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Clay Mineral of The Surface Sediments of The North West Part of The Arabian Gulf, Iraq

Twenty surface sediment samples were collected from the southern entrance of Khor Abdallah from Jan. to June 1990, in order to study the clay mineral distribution and their sources.

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Clay Mineral Distribution in Selected Locations along The Tigris and Shatt Al-Arab Rivers, Southern Iraq

Four sites were sampled during Nov. 1984, in order to measure the clay mineral assemblages. These sites, All Al-Sharki, AlMajer, A1-Mes’heb and Shaft Al-Arab, are distributed along the Tigris river and around Qarmat All, south of Iraq.

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Physiochemical Behavior of Carbonate Minerals in Soils, Sediments and Water of Tidal Flats, Northern West part of Arabian Gulf and Shatt Al-Arab River

Several thermodynamic parameters are used in order to estimate the chemical composition and determine the solubility and stability of various carbonate minerals that could be found in soils, sediment and water of the tidal flat of northern-west part of the Arabian Gulf and Shatt Al-Arab water way...

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