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Jabal Sanam's Project

Sedimentological Study Of The Fishing Area At NW Arabian Gulf.

Detection Of Cavities And Soil Settlements in An Industrial Site Using Electrical Resistivity Methods Southern Iraq.

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The facies analysis and sequence stratigraphy of Albian – Santonian succession of Surdash- Shaqlawa and Kirkuk area, NE. Iraq

Seven outcrops that extend from Surdash to Shaqlawa cities were studied. These outcrops were deposited during the Albian to Santonian. They comprise the Qamchuqa contact, Dokan, Gulneri, Kometan Formations and Shiranish Formation contact.

Jabal Sanam's Project

 Jabal Sanam's Project

Mid-Holocene Dates for Organic-Rich Sediment, Palustrine Shell, and Charcoal from Southern Iraq

In this article, we present the results of AMS radiocarbon dating of eleven samples collected from four locations in southern Iraq.

Geomorphologic Study Of Umm Al Rasas Island and Its Surrounding Channels, Shatt Al-Arab River, Southern Iraq

This study aims to analyze and monitor the geomorphological changes that have occurred on Um Al Rasas Island.

Deltaic Cycle of the Upper Shale Member of the Zuhair Formation in Luhais Oil-Field, SW Iraq

Five core samples and logs of the upper shale member of the Zubair Formation were studied. These cores were collected from five wells drilled in Luhais oil-field, southwest Iraq.

Delta of River Shatt Al-Arab, South Iraq Sedimentological Study

The most controlling factors of the Delta of River Shatt Al-Arab are tidal currents and waves, in addition to the physiography of the area. The latter has the power to affect the character of the delta to take its distinguished shape in the area.





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